Customize some pens for Gift World in Spain

Mark was the boss of a wholesale company-Gift World in Spain. He wanted to denote a pen for his community school’s annual activity of camping and sky watching. He was thinking to make a pen with elements of the sky or space for the students.



Mark asked us if we could offer some pens for reference. We showed Mark many pens related with the sky,rainbow,cloud and stars. Below were part of them.



Mark liked them, and he was thinking a cloud pen would be super cool. Cloud was universal for both girls and boys,and cloud pens were not as popular as star pens and rainbow pens, so it could be more unique. So we focused on cloud pens, and recommend Mark more cloud pens for reference.



Mark liked the plush cloud pens, and he was hoping to add some more fun to the pen. If children could play with the pens, it would be more interesting.


We realized we had a star pen which had glitters in clear PVC star, when we were shaking it, the glitters would move around, it’s very fun and magical. Mark liked this idea very much too, and he suggested to change the star to cloud, and printed an inspirational quote on the pen.



Finally Mark’s cloud pen came out. It said“The clouds, – the only birds that never sleep.”, which was just Mark’s dreamed pen. And children of the community school liked the pen very much too!