Happy childhood-Adorable Backpacks

A happy childhood is essential for a child’s development.The things that the children remember, the stationery they used, and the life events shared by the children have all become part of the good memories of childhood.


Happy childhood-Adorable Backpacks


Start the school year right away with the perfect fluffy backpack from Higher! Designed in pastel colors, sequins, and with shiny unicorn horns, this amazing backpack carries all your classroom essentials.


perfect fluffy backpack from Higher


It can be paired with other stationery as a back-to-school set. Includes furry pencil case, furry notebook, furry pen and unicorn eraser.




Add a little magic to your life with this must-have mini sequined unicorn backpack! With just one swipe, the shimmering fun sequins change color. You can play with your good friends and share the joy together!


 must-have mini sequined unicorn backpack


This perfect combination of stress relief toy and backpack is the perfect gift for your kids. Our popular backpacks are made of high-quality silicone and waterproof fabrics with durable zippers and adjustable shoulder straps.


It consists of multiple layers of lightweight waterproof fabric that reduces weight and stress on your child's back!


popular backpack

Which one would you choose?

Animal backpacks are loved by children.


Unleash your nature and make every trip your child's journey a fairy tale. The cute animal-shaped schoolbag comes from the wonderful fantasy of childhood. Under the designer's pen, these little artists came into being.


Animal backpack


A cute pattern is printed on the front of this satchel with colorful materials carefully selected by Higher. The holographic colors sparkle in the light and look dizzying and eye-catching. The perspective style is classic and timeless.


A cute pattern


Special PU material with beautiful color and touching feeling. Make your whole collocation more chic and stylish with this bag.The letter on the schoolbag can be customized!


The satchel is made of special PU material, with beautiful color and delicate touch. It makes your overall outfit more chic and stylish. The letters on the bag can also be customized!


Special PU material


Higher hopes to provide unique and caring stationery to give children a different happy childhood!


We are a designer and exporter of novel stationery and gifts in Ningbo, China. We design, manufacture and export innovative stationery and gifts worldwide.


Every year we create more than 500 new products. All our products are full of creativity and novelty, we believe that a little difference will bring a lot of fun~


happy childhood