How to find reliable stationery manufacturers in China?

As the global stationery market continues to expand, China, as a major manufacturing and supplying country in the stationery industry, has attracted an increasing number of enterprises and entrepreneurs to seek reliable stationery manufacturers.


However, choosing the right partners from among the numerous manufacturers is not easy. To help you achieve this more easily, we provide a selection guide to assist you in finding the appropriate stationery suppliers. But before you begin the selection process, you must determine the types of stationery you want to import from China.

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Common Stationery Categories in China

Student Stationery

Student stationery is primarily used by students for studying and doing homework at school. This type of stationery is usually designed to be simple and colorful to attract students' attention, while also being durable and practical. Common student stationery includes:


★ Pencils, pens, ballpoint pens


★ Pencil sharpeners, erasers, rulers


Pencil sharpeners


★ Colored pens, watercolor pens, crayons


★ Pencil cases, pencil boxes


★ Notebooks, exercise books, homework books

★ Glue, scissors, etc.



Office Stationery

Office stationery is mainly used in offices, enterprises, and general workplaces. This type of stationery is typically designed to be simple and practical, emphasizing efficiency and professionalism. Common office stationery includes:


★ Ballpoint pens, pens, signature pens


★ Calculators, folders, files



★ Sticky notes, memo clips


★ Staplers, hole punches, adhesive tape

adhesive tape


★ Desktop file racks, file boxes

Desktop file racks


★ Folders, notebooks, memos


★ Desktop pen holders, document baskets, etc.

Desktop pen holders

How to Start a Stationery Wholesale Business?

Business Model

Starting a stationery wholesale business requires determining the business model: offline wholesale markets, online B2B platforms, e-commerce websites, or other channels. Clearly defining the target customer base and profit model is the primary task. Choosing between wholesale or retail mode depends on the willingness to interact with consumers. Retail businesses sell directly to consumers, while wholesale sales involve selling products in bulk to intermediaries or retailers for resale.


Business Model

Customer Market Research

Understanding the size, growth trends, and key segments of the stationery market can help you better grasp market dynamics and identify the most promising target markets. Customer market research focuses on understanding the primary influences on target customers and identifying changes you can make to encourage more sales. Key areas of research include:


  • Investigating market size and growth trends: Gain insights into the size, growth rate, and major trends of the stationery wholesale market.
  • Identifying target market segments: Segment your target market to identify the most promising segments and customer groups.
  • Analyzing market demand and trends: Understand customer preferences and demands for stationery products, and stay updated on market dynamics and trends.

This research aims to understand your target customers and how they may interact with your company. It enables you to gain better insights into customer needs and preferences for stationery products and stay informed about market dynamics and trends.

Competitor Analysis

When conducting competitor analysis, it's essential to investigate and analyze competitors in the current market, including their product range, pricing strategies, distribution channels, and market share. Assessing competitors' strengths and weaknesses, identifying gaps in the market, and opportunities can help you formulate more competitive strategies.

Product Research

After identifying the market and competitors, you need to conduct product research, which includes:


  • Pricing: Determine your product pricing strategy, considering costs, market demand, and competitors' pricing strategies.
  • Quality: Select high-quality stationery products to meet customer expectations and standards.
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): Determine your minimum order quantity to balance customer demand and inventory costs.
  • Certification: Ensure your products comply with relevant quality and safety standards and obtain necessary certifications.

Supplier Research

You need to find reliable suppliers, which may involve collaborating with manufacturers or wholesalers in China. Evaluate suppliers' reputation, production capacity, delivery time, and after-sales service.


By selecting the right suppliers and establishing good relationships with them, you can ensure product quality, supply capability, and provide excellent service to your customers.


How Much Tariffs Do You Need to Import Stationery from China?
Importing stationery from China requires paying tariffs and consumption taxes, which depend on the specific type of stationery and the trade policies of the destination country. Typically, you can calculate as follows:

Confirm the commodity code

You need to confirm the commodity code of the stationery, which is a standardized code identifying the type of stationery, also known as the HS code (Harmonized System Code). You can determine the correct code by consulting customs or trade agencies or using an online HS code database.

Understand the tariff rate of the destination country

Based on the stationery's HS code, you can check the tariff schedule of the destination country to understand the tariff rate required for importing stationery. This information is usually available on the destination country's customs website or trade department website.

Calculate the tariff amount

Calculate the import duty based on the FOB value as follows: Tariff = Tariff rate × Product price. For CIF value: Tariff = Tariff rate × (Product price + Freight + Insurance). The tariff rate largely depends on the classification of your goods.

Understand the consumption tax situation

In addition to tariffs, you also need to understand whether the destination country imposes consumption taxes and confirm the applicable tax rate. Consumption tax is usually based on the total value of imported goods, including tariffs and other charges.The calculation formula is:


Sales tax = Sales tax percentage × (CIF value + Tariff).


China's sales tax rate is 17%. The tariffs and value-added tax on goods imported from China to most countries are levied based on the value of the goods, the country of origin, transportation costs, and product classification.

Calculate the total cost

Add up the tariffs, consumption taxes, and other relevant fees to determine the total cost of importing stationery from China.

It is important to note that the above steps are for reference only, and actual tariffs and consumption taxes may be affected by changes in the trade policies of the destination country, trade agreements, and other factors. Therefore, before proceeding with specific import operations, it is recommended to consult local customs or trade agencies for further information to ensure an accurate understanding of relevant taxes and fees.

Major Stationery Suppliers Markets in China

Yiwu International Trade City

Located in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, China, it is one of the world's largest wholesale markets for small commodities and a major hub for stationery and office supplies. The market is divided into multiple sections, covering various types of stationery, office supplies, and related goods.


Yiwu International Trade City

Shenzhen Luohu International Trade City

Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, it is one of the renowned wholesale markets in the southern region and hosts numerous stationery suppliers. Known for its wide variety and affordable prices, the stationery market here attracts buyers from both domestic and international markets.


Shenzhen Luohu International Trade City

Guangzhou Huangsha Stationery Wholesale Market

Situated in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, it serves as a major hub for stationery supplies and is located opposite exits C/D of Huangsha Station on Metro Line 6, Huangsha Back Road. Notably, the Yiyuan Art Supplies Trading Center and Xingzhiguang Sports Market are among the primary wholesale markets for office and student stationery. Friendship Garden is one of China's top three stationery wholesale markets, offering over 20,000 types of stationery products, including imports and domestic brands.


Guangzhou Huangsha Stationery Wholesale Market

Gaoqiao Market

Established in 1996 in Changsha, Hunan Province, the Gaoqiao Market spans 1,000 mu and is one of the country's top three comprehensive markets and stationery wholesale markets. It comprises eight large specialized markets, with Gaoqiao Stationery and Sports Goods City being one of the largest trading centers for stationery in the central China region.


Gaoqiao Market

China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

As one of China's largest export commodity trade fairs, the Canton Fair is held twice a year in Guangzhou, attracting exhibitors and buyers from around the world. At the Canton Fair, you can find numerous stationery suppliers from across the country and stay updated on the latest products and trends.


China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

Where to Find Detailed Information about Stationery Wholesale Suppliers

Chinese manufacturers are renowned for their favorable wholesale conditions. A few years ago, it was challenging to find reliable Chinese stationery wholesale suppliers due to China's distance from the global market. However, modern technology has broken down barriers, making it easy to find wholesale stationery manufacturers. Here are the best methods for finding information about Chinese stationery wholesale suppliers.

Online B2B Platforms

Online B2B platforms are an ideal choice for finding suppliers. Platforms like Alibaba, Made-in-China, Global Sources, etc., gather suppliers from around the world, offering a wide range of products. Through these platforms, you can browse suppliers' product catalogs, contact information, and customer reviews to find suitable stationery wholesale suppliers.


Online B2B Platforms

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Industry Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Attending professional trade shows and exhibitions in the stationery industry is another good way to gather supplier information. At these events, you can directly communicate with suppliers, observe their product displays, and collect their promotional materials and contact information. Such interactions can help you gain deeper insights into suppliers' products and services.


Industry Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Industry Associations and Organizations

Industry associations and organizations in the stationery industry often provide member directories and relevant information about suppliers. By joining these associations or organizations, you can access industry-specific resources and networks, making it easier to find reliable stationery wholesale suppliers.


Industry Associations and Organizations

Online Searches

Using search engines for online searches is another method of obtaining supplier information. You can search for relevant keywords such as "stationery wholesale suppliers," "stationery supplier directories," etc., and then browse the search results to find relevant websites, directories, or forums that may contain useful information.


Online Searches

Social Media and Professional Forums

On social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, as well as professional industry forums and communities, you can join relevant groups or pages to interact with other business owners, seek recommendations, or share information. These platforms are often channels for suppliers to self-promote and connect with customers.


Social Media and Professional Forums

Advantages of Chinese Stationery Suppliers:

Comprehensive Product Range

Large wholesale markets in China offer a wide variety of stationery products, catering to the needs of businesses, schools, retail stores, and consumers. Whether it's office supplies, student stationery, sports equipment, computer consumables, or packaging materials, these markets have it all.


Comprehensive Product Range

Wholesale Price Advantage

Procuring stationery from wholesale markets in China offers cost savings due to bulk purchasing and lower prices compared to retail outlets. This cost advantage is crucial for businesses aiming to reduce expenses and enhance competitiveness.

Additional Logistics Services

Chinese stationery wholesale markets collaborate with logistics services, streamlining the transportation process for buyers. This ensures efficient delivery of products, saving time and resources traditionally spent on procurement logistics.

Importing from Chinese Suppliers

Importing stationery from China offers various advantages, making it a preferred choice for many. Chinese suppliers like Higher, one of the leading exporters of stationery products, offer comprehensive solutions with products meeting international standards and certifications like CE, EN71, REACH, RoHS, ISO9001, BSCI, Sedex, and FSC. With multilingual sales support and a wide range of product categories, Higher facilitates seamless importing of stationery products from China.

Company Introduction

Higher, headquartered in Ningbo, China, operates its own stationery factory and exports a diverse range of products worldwide. Committed to quality and compliance, Higher's factory has obtained certifications such as ISO9001, BSCI, Sedex, and FSC.


Company Introduction

With specialized department teams catering to different product categories and language support in English, Spanish, French, Russian, and more, Higher ensures excellent customer service. Contact Higher for your stationery needs or to stay updated on the latest market trends in stationery.