Source some cool notebooks for teenagers for Back to School

Mr.Bury was a product manager of stationery department of chain gift store -Bubble Shops. He wanted to source some cool notebooks for teenagers for Back to School.


He hoped to find some ready models which were good for school daily use,and customize them with characters which Teens like to make them best sellers of their shops.


He found many super nice notebooks in Higher. If Higher could help turn them into their customized teenager style, that would be perfect.


Source some cool notebooksteenagers for Back to Schoolchain gift store -Bubble Shops


Mr.Bury contacted Higher, and told his requests to Higher team.


We discussed with Mr.Bury about the characters which Teens would like.


Mr.Bury informed space and universe items were always hot in their shops, and their Teen fans loved animal themed items very much too,so we suggested to combine space and animals together, and design a collection of animals exploring the space for the Teens.


What a wonderful idea! Mr. Bury was excited.

We selected many patterns for Mr.Bury to check and decide his favorite styles.


exploring the spacefavorite stylescollection of animals


Mr.Bury advised he liked our below image very much. If we could use below characters to create some cool notebooks for them, it would be fantastic.




Mr.Bury decided to make 3 types of notebooks this time, furry notebooks, sequin notebooks and liquid glitter notebooks. He decided the size should be universal A5, and the inside printing should be college ruled lined.


siandard sizesinner page

Mr. Bury told us about their planed order quantity, their package request, test requirements and etc, and our sales team made best quotation to him. Mr.Bury were happy with our prices, so he paid the sample charge immediately and advised us to make samples as soon as possible.


Our designers began to design, trying to put the selected characters onto the notebooks, trying to combine different elements to make the books as fun as possible.


3 days later, the artworks were ready.


make samplestrying to put the selected characters onto the notebooksthe artworks were ready

Mr.Bury and his team liked the designs very much, so we proceeded with the sampling. 10days later, samples came out. They were so adorable!


Mr. Bury placed official order to us, and we proceeded with mass production. 3 months later, those cool notebooks were displayed in their shops, and were greatly liked by their customers, especially their teenager fans.


This is a very successful case of our product customization.


product customization