Who doesn’t love cuteness?! Cute items from ‘Higher’

Picking your favorite things from a huge variety of cute items is a joy to shop! The main reason I love the "Higher" supplier is simple: it's so cute! Not only that, but it also comes in a variety of styles.


I truly believe that everyone can find something for them. If you're reading this, it's probably because you like it too, or you're getting ready to dive into the wonderful world of kawaii "premium" items.


We've covered the back-to-school stationery you might need in previous blogs, including their types and what to use them for. Today, I'm going to share with you some cute items you'll definitely put in your cart!

Cute key chain

No matter what the day is, a cute key chain as a gift will make everyone very happy. Are you looking for the cutest key chain for your friends or yourself? Glad to have you scanned here. 'Higher' can customize the key chain you want. Now we provide three kinds of fluffy key chains for you to choose~

Bunny pom pom key chain


Bunny pom pom key chain


This fluffy bunny key chain is made of polyester and zinc alloy. When you touch this fur ball, it will be very soft and very cute. It can be a cute plush key chain with a key ring on top. So you can easily hang this plush bunny on your bag or backpack.


It is also a sweet gift for family and friends on birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and other holidays!

Daisy pom pom key chain

Daisy pom pom key chain


Refresh your keys or backpack with colorful accessories like a daisy key chain! This simple key chain is made of polyester and zinc alloy. The design looks like a white daisy with shimmering gold in the center. When you touch the pink fluffy ball, you will feel soft and smooth. The ring is big enough to hold your keys, wallet, and more! Also, you can wear it on your wrist as a decoration.


With cute designs and colors, everyone will love this adorable daisy key chain!


Bee pom pom key chain

Bee pom pom key chain


This lovely honey bee is made from soft quality polyester filling making it super squishy and soft.


This cute bee is made of high-quality, soft polyester filling, making it very squishy and soft.

Kids will love rocking this bumblebee key chain whenever they get a chance! This buzz-worthy accessory will help them stand out from the rest of the crowd in the most adorable way, whether they put it on their backpack, purse or keys.

Cute Airpods case

The Apple earphones are truly high-tech, with great sound quality and a flawless design. But given their price, AirPods are a significant investment that you should take care of. The smooth texture of the Apple charging case makes it easy to drop, and scratches show up quickly.


Therefore, it is important to protect yours by covering it with an extra layer of protection. If you are a kawaii lover, you will love our case.

Cat's paw Airpods case

Cat's paw Airpods case


Looking for a cute Airpods case? We will surprise you with our cute cat's paw Airpods case!


This earphone case is made of high-quality soft silicone material, which is odorless and non-toxic. If it gets dirty, it can be washed with water. A protective case not only protects your Airpods well, it also makes a difference! The Airpods case comes with a durable loop that securely attaches your Airpods case to handbags, travel bags, pants, and more.

Milk tea Airpods case

Milk tea Airpods case


This cute Airpods case helps protect your Airpods from any bumps or drops. This soft silicone case has a space to clip the charging cable, so you won't need to remove it at any point. There's also a metal carabiner for you to attach your key chain so your Airpods will always be nearby. So you're less likely to lose them.


We focused on providing great protection with minimal bulk. Keep your Airpods safe in the loving embrace of this kawaii protective case.  


Unicorn Airpods case

Unicorn Airpods case


This cute unicorn silicone charging case fits precisely without being bulky. Its cute cartoon style will make your Airpods so special. In addition, it comes with a reserved charging port to use all the features of the Airpods charging case. And it won't get any interference from the silicone case. 


Therefore, not only does your Airpods charging dock need to be beautiful, but also portable, functional and stylish.

Where to get cute items and stationery?

Now that you are convinced that cute items and stationery are a must, the question is where to buy cute items and stationery. The best and easiest option is online! Just looking up https://www.gifts-master.com/ on Google will give you many different options.


Higher is a wholesale company that provides custom and international trade services for cute stationery and accessories! We create more than 500 new products every year, all our products are creative and novel, we believe that a little difference will bring a lot of fun~