Do you know what is trade fair?

Have you been to a trade fair before?

trade fair, also known as trade showtrade exhibition, or trade exposition, is held for companies in specific industries to showcase and showcase their latest products and services, to meet industry partners and customers, to research competitors' activities, and to examine recent market trends and opportunities. (quoted from Wikipedia)


This year, Higher participated the China Homelife Mexico Fair.


China Homelife Mexico 2022 took place in Mexico City - Expo Santa Fe Mexico from November 8th-10th. This is a major exhibition market that puts you in the midst of Chinese companies offering the most innovative products. Visitors can also benefit from the latest products and launches on the market.



Higher carefully prepared the latest products for this exhibition. During the three-day exhibition, we sent out hundreds of business cards and met many Mexican buyers.  


The biggest thing we got was that we met a lot of people there who were very interested in our products. 


They say things like, "We haven't seen such cute, novel stationery in Mexico", "I'm interested in your products", "they're so cute", "I love these stationery", etc,. Their appreciation and affirmation is the greatest encouragement to us.



Let’s look at those happy moments.


Let’s look at those happy moments.


Glad to make so many friends and enjoy the delicious food in Mexico. Looking forward to Higher's next journey. Feel free to contact us! If you have any questions or enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us: