Higher’s Team Meeting

Higher’s Team Meeting


Meetings are where team come together to discuss, collaborate,and share ideas.


In Higher, we have weekly meeting, monthly meeting, quarterly meetings and annual meeting.


Meetings, large and small, are purpose-driven to ensures productive and effective use of everyone’s time. In order to collect new ideas over a short period of time, we will run a brainstorming meeting.


At the end of month, feedback and retrospective meeting is a must. Also, regularly planning meeting is important for Higher to move  forward.


Higher ensures every voice could be heard


Higher ensures every voice could be heard. Always invite team members to share dissenting views by ask to hear some perspective that haven’t be considered yet. In that way, members exchange ideas, analyze pros and cons, and make progress together.


Higher adopts roles rotated way


In order to conduct a effective and inclusive meeting, Higher adopts roles rotated way. Assigning the roles, like facilitator to keep the meeting goes smoothly. As roles are rotated, everyone has the opportunity to practice facilitation skills and contribute more fully to meetings and company.




At the same time, Higher encourages transparency in decision-making. Clarifying how any decision made is essential for team members deeply know their works and promote a sense of collaboration.


the world gift industry


Higher is devoted to make our own contribution to the prosperity of the world gift industry. Step by step, we’ll create more fun&functional stationery and gifts to our customers.


Welcome to start a nice cooperation with us! If you have any question or enquiry, please don't hesitate to contact us: manager@gifts-master.com.