Live streaming of hot selling pen pouches and notebooks in ALIBABA

Multi-functional pencil cases, liquid glitter notebooks, pop it fidget silicone pouches, cute PVC pouches, hair accessories...... We’ve prepared so many hot-sale products for you to choose from.


free sample


We will introduce the multifunctional pencil case designed by ourselves in all aspects, and show its function, fabric, process, etc.



We are preparing for our first live streaming, the lighting and live broadcast equipment are in place~


 live streaming


We are introducing the welfare of this live streaming, new products free samples only for today~


There will be other discounts for our follow-up live streaming,follow Higher’s channel for the latest news!


introducing the welfare


You can receive coupons of $1000-$20 in our Live Studio, if you follow us can receive $2000-$50 coupons~What are you waiting for?


Live Studio


Have you been fascinated by our wide range of samples room? Contact us without hesitation to get free samples~


samples room


We will have live streaming regularly,the time is Wednesday of the second week of each month and Thursday of the fourth week of each month.Remember to follow Higher's channel !


Hope our design bring new ideas to your product development,and hope our service boost your business greatly!